After the first snowfall..


“So, we moved to Saskatoon last summer and bought a newer condo. We were so excited because it was on the top floor + overlooking a nice marsh-like walking trail! But, after the first snowfall our balcony was completely covered with snow and unusable. We couldn’t even open the balcony door. And that’s why we felt like: Uh-oh, what now?”

How often do you think we hear a story like that? You see, while DIY, internet-only home shopping efforts have many advantages, they can also have drawbacks.

Because we live & breathe Saskatoon real estate in all seasons 💯, we’re often aware of peculiarities like the one described above.

If you’d like to work with someone who is intimate with the peculiarities of Saskatoon real estate in all seasons, and who can make climbing the home ownership ladder t-shirt-level comfy, send us a message or an email. 💬

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