Fun Friday Finds 🎶


File this under ‘Fun Friday Finds’ — Botté Chai Bar

Click here to see it on Google Maps

– This welcoming oasis offering a soothing atmosphere, a variety of great teas & coffees, and meals & desserts is a great place to refresh yourself, chill with friends, or catch up on some work/study. (The wifi is 🚀!)

– Thanks to the botté chai bar, you don’t have to travel to Montreal, Portland, or Milan to experience its ‘one-of-a-kind, cozy urban nook’ vibe. What’s more, being at this little gem will likely make you feel like a slightly famous, in-the-know foodie.

– This work of love & art is also a prime example of one of the reasons why we love shopping in Riversdale: Because many business owners there offer multi-sensory retreats.

p.s. If you have any questions about the Riversdale area in Saskatoon, just send us a message. 💬

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