Lakeview/Lakeridge, the TLDR (too long didn’t read) version

    • The word on the street is that this area is the Stonebridge of the ’90s. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Screengrab via Apple Maps

    • Lots of oak/maple throughout the homes, and real wood baseboards/doors/trim meant to last.
    • Many of the homes in the area have large backyards.
    • With many parks that have walking/biking paths, there are plenty of ways to enjoy nature in this area. Other popular outdoor destinations include the pond rink in the winter, and the soccer/football fields in the summer.
    • Thanks to easy access to Circle Drive, getting to downtown, the South end, and Costco (on the East side) is a breeze.
    • In the middle of the neighbourhood is a strip mall. It has a physio office/medi-clinic/pharmacy, car wash, gas station, hair salon, two restaurants, and โ€” most importantly (if you ask any of the locals) โ€” the Chardon Ice Cream shack. This little oasis is often lined up ALL summer because of its slightly famous soft serve ice cream and specialty dips.
    • Let’s talk about schools for a moment: You have a choice among 3 smaller elementary schools (St. Bernard/St. Luke/Lakeview), and 2 of them offer French Immersion Programming.
    • Lakewood Civic Centre has a library, indoor swimming pool with a water slide, and a gym that offers daycare and plenty of community classes. Alongside the Lakewood Civic Centre is a nice indoor tennis court and a skateboard/scooter park.

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