Fun Friday Finds 🎶


File this under ‘Fun Friday Finds’ — Night Oven Bakery

Click here to see it on Google Maps

Instead of our usual 3-4 bullet-points about this find, because this bakery recently moved from their original location, let us just tell you maybe the most important detail about it: its location. (Their staff told us that so many of their visitors are saying, “we’re not sure where you moved to.”)

The Night Oven Bakery is at ➡️ 216 Avenue D North ⬅️ in Caswell Hill. (Click the following link to see it on Google Maps:

So, go check out their lovely new home! And don’t be surprised if a weekly pilgrimage to the Night Oven Bakery becomes your new personal tradish.

p.s. If you have any questions about the Caswell Hill area in Saskatoon, just send us a message. 💬

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