The story of our beginnings


The nestQuest brand was created in 2020 by wellpreneur and a licensed real estate broker, Kayla McQueen.

Our vision

To make working with our real estate agents feel as comfy and uplifting as putting on a great t-shirt.

Our mission

To bring our vision into reality through the nestQuest brand.

Kayla believes that doing good is the path to doing well, and that is why the brand is 100% devoted to uplifting those who use its services or interact with it. 

Because values create value, our values are:

Simplicity. Because it helps us show that our intentions, words, and actions are friendly, helpful, and easy to appreciate.

Integrity. We believe that doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.

Love. nestQuest is a place where everyone is welcomed and respected.

Conversational customer service. This is a big step up from traditional customer service. Here’s why: Because what else can create understanding, fuel progress and bonding, or mend things as well as a compassionate and uplifting conversation?

Collaboration. Because collaboration is the fuel that allows common folks to attain uncommon results, we strive to bring our colleagues, clients, business partners, and community (whenever possible) inside everything we do.

Compassionate and transparent communication. We believe in active listening and in using plain English to share information frequently and constructively, both internally and externally.

Promptness. Because everyone’s time is valuable, taking action is our default state.

Flexibility. From being a deskless team (which is another way of saying that we can serve our clients from anywhere), to offering FaceTime open houses, to making it easy to cancel our services, we believe that the road to progress is paved with flexibility.

Fun. Because wholesome fun uplifts and adds life to hours and days, it often pops up in our words and actions.

No spacesuits. Because life can be challenging, people sometimes put on.. let’s say ‘spacesuits.’ We encourage everyone to bring their real self to you-name-it. Doing so is not easy. Yet, it’s more liberating than walking in a spacesuit on Earth, no? 😊