Unsettling issue on possession day


β€œSo, our possession day finally arrived. We were so excited! ✨ But, after entering our new home, we discovered that it was not clean. πŸ˜” We were not expecting ‘new car clean,’ but at least reasonably clean. And that’s why we felt like: Uh-oh, what now?”

An issue like that is one that we experience from time to time. When representing the buyers, as realtors, we’re really not in a position to oversee any part of the moving-out process by the previous owners.

You see, we usually get to see the home after the lawyers tell us that the transaction is complete, by which point the previous owners are long gone. Even when the previous owners are considerate while moving out, which most folks are πŸ’, the moving-out process can leave some jarring residue behind.

Let us now tell you about 2 ways in which we try to minimize uh-ohs like an unclean home on move-in day:

1. We write into each offer to purchase, as a term of a purchase, that we expect the home to be reasonably clean after the sellers move out. This alone doesn’t guarantee that the home will be reasonably clean. But what it does do is this: it brings due attention to this item and spells out a reasonable expectation instead of leaving it up to chance.

2. We have professional cleaners on call whenever we suspect that, on move-in day, the home either won’t be clean or won’t be reasonably clean.

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