The Willows


The Willows, the TLDR (too long didn’t read) version:

Screengrab via Google Maps

    • This new-ish & trend-setting neighbourhood is in the South end of Saskatoon.
    • The neighbourhood is slightly famous for its custom homes, many of which have sprawling walk-out floor plans.
    • Quiet. That, in a word, is how many describe this community.
    • Many of the homes in the Willows have large yards, and many look out onto the Willows golf course. If you’re a golf enthusiast, you can stop looking now.
    • Home to 3 gated communities, and 3 multi-level condo complexes.
    • The above-mentioned golf course is also a popular destination for brunches. It has large South- and West-facing decks, an Italian restaurant, a pro shop, a golf simulator for winter golfing, etc..
    • The area is next door to some other handy amenities and restaurants, like the new Chop steakhouse, the Saskatoon Auto Mall, the Ivy yoga house, an indoor dog park, and a Spiffy car wash.

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